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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Leddon is a wonderful doctor and she takes her time to listen to all your concerns. She explains to you all of your options and is never in hurry to get you out the door.


Dr. Gallagher is attentive and present to his patients. He really shows that he cares about them, which is unfortunately rare for most doctors these days. Please keep up the good work!


Dr. Leddon is caring, listens, and is extremely knowledgeable in her profession.


Ryan Bird is fantastic, and really listened and explained things to us. He made both my daughter and I feel comfortable about the process


Dr. Leddon eased my fears on the side effects of my medication. She made it technical enough to have “meat” in the explanation yet in layman’s language so I could understand. I have a lot of confidence in her. Plus, I like how efficient she is and that she was on time.


Dr. Gallagher is an extremely knowledgeable caring individual whom I trust explicitly with my health!


Very pleased with the Office and with Dr. Gallagher specifically.


Dr. Gallagher made me feel very comfortable talking with him – better than my primary care doctor. I am pleased to have found him.


Very professional and caring office staff.


The clinic was extremely busy that day but still Dr. Gallagher took time with me. I didn’t feel rushed or dismissed.


The whole staff was very upbeat and answered questions without hesitation.


I recently relocated to Colorado from the east coast. I have a number of long term dermatological problems. Based on an initial conversation it was apparently that Dr. Gallagher understood my various dermatological issues quickly assessed them prescribed appropriate medication and sent me on my way. Very efficient very personable             and very authoritative. I appreciated his skill and matter. Thanks.


Dr. Gallagher is an excellent doctor was very compassionate about my situation. I highly recommend him his MAs -Jennifer Hector and Pat at reception. What a great staff and experience!  Thank you!


Dr. Gallagher and his staff are awesome! I have met with some challenges during the past year and not only are they professional but they show compassion as well. Love each of them.


Ryan and Brooke are extremely helpful professional knowledgeable and kind.They have been very thoughtful through this experience and it is greatly appreciated.


I was hesitant to change dermatologists after 13 years and having a scary time with basal squamous facial skin cancer but Dr. Leddon put my mind at ease when she spent quality patient time with me and listened to me and even followed up by email with my notes from that visit. I thought my visit was very informative and efficient.                   Thank you.


I live in Las Vegas. We have a famous dermatology “Johnny Woodson” that I could go to. But I choose to commute to Denver from my home in Las Vegas to go to B.V.C.D. That says it all.


I want to thank Dr. Gallagher for his patience today and for taking so much of his time answering questions. He was wonderful and we really appreciated him.


Dr. Gallagher has gone beyond the call of duty for me. He is an amazing Dr.! Scott and Brie have helped in any way possible! I am fortunate to have my skin experts.

Carol B,

Dr. Leddon and Katy were empathetic, knowledgeable, and answered all my questions professionally and with kindness.

Rachel F,

Dr. Gallagher was worth the 2 1/2 hour drive! Thank You!


Dr. Gallagher is an awesome Doctor and person!


This office is unbelievable! The professionalism, efficiency, and friendliness of the people is of the highest caliber!


Dr. Leddon was great! Very thorough and precise!


Dawn is always kind, supportive and encouraging. Her genuine interest in making everything better for me is so appreciated. I always feel good when I’ve been able to see her during my visit. LOVE her!

Jennifer B.,

Had 3 PDT’s and Wendy’s support, knowledge and kind nature helped me feel comfortable and at ease with everything she did! LOVE her!


I love Wendy and getting facials/acne surgery. She also turned me into an Avene addict! Dr. Leddon is also great!


Wendy & Dawn are awesome! They have done a fantastic job with my microderms and my acne prone skin has improved immensely!


Excellent service 🙂 Recommend to friends and family. All staff is super professional and caring. Super service from door to doctors. Overall, 5 star service!


Great doctors, tech, and front office!


Dr. Gallagher is absolutely wonderful. He takes the time to explain the procedure and is willing to suggest other possibilities to do at home to help with the psoriasis. I completely trust his knowledge and decisions.


Dr. Gallagher, I wanted to thank you for all the extra work you did on me during my last visit. To you it might have been a simple act of kindness, but to me it was much more. I’m going through a low point in my life right now and your kindness helped to lift me up. There are just not enough words to let you know how very much you helped           me. I’ve always admired you as a doctor, but I admire you infinitely more as a person now.


I have lived in Boulder for many years and Dr. Gallagher is the first dermatologist who has properly taken care of my many needs.


Everyone was nice and friendly.

Karen H.,

Great practice. Would recommend Dr. Gallagher whenever possible.

Mike M.,

Very thorough exam! Thank you.

Ray H.,

You run the office like a well-oiled machine. I find it very refreshing. The staff is courteous and concerned.

Mary R.,

Dear Wendy & Dawn, I am writing to say ‘Thank you’ for your kindness in taking the time to talk with me about my skin concerns. You both were so sweet, you put me at ease, and I genuinely felt that you had my best interests in mind. I appreciate the skincare knowledge that you both shared with me.   I wish you much continued  success             with your careers, and I want you to know that you really made my day!!! God bless you.

Linda H.,

Dr. G always takes the time to listen and address all of my concerns. I have recommended many of my friends to see him and they have all had the same experience.

David B.,

Dr. Gallagher was so kind and answered all my questions; not rushed at all; felt very comfortable and well cared for.

Laura R.,

I would and did recommend your office to everyone! Very trustworthy, comforting office. Thanks, or as they say in Italian, Grazie Mille!


Hello, I just wanted to write a note to thank Dawn, your Esthetic Coordinator and her assistant, Wendy for their attentive care during my ‘Cool Sculpt’ treatment. They did everything possible to make it as comfortable and successful as possible. Thank you both so much.

Dena S.,