At BV Derm, we use a variety of technologies to communicate with our patients.  We do not require you to use these tools but they will make it easy for you to prepare for your visit, review what was discussed during your visit, and have a record of your interaction.


We are an independent practice, not affiliated with a hospital or other healthcare system.  We do not share communication systems with other healthcare providers so, if you have already set this up with another office, you will need to register with our system to take advantage of these tools.

Patient Portal

When you make an appointment with BV Derm, you will receive an email asking you to register with the Patient Portal.  The Patient Portal allows you to complete your personal information, insurance and medical history in the comfort of your home.  If you do not set up the Portal, you will be asked for this information when you arrive for your appointment.  After you have seen your provider, the Portal will have copies of your visit notes, any labs or prescriptions and any other information that was discussed.  You can also use the Portal to communicate with your provider or send pictures of any clinical concern.  Telemedicine visits are conducted through the Portal.


APPatient is a text messaging service BV Derm uses for visit check in.  You must download the APPatient app from the App Store to use the platform.

iOS App Store 

Google Play


Every month, BV Derm distributes a newsletter, Skin Deep.  This communication will include an article from one of our providers discussing a clinical condition as well as cosmetic specials on services and products.  You can opt out of this newsletter via the unsubscribe link.