An angioma is a common, non-cancerous growth of clustered blood vessels on the skin. Cherry angiomas commonly appear in adults and can be anywhere on the body.  Spider angiomas have tiny blood vessels radiating from a small central cluster of blood vessels.  They commonly occur in children.


Angiomas appear as smooth, bright red or purplish domes on the body. Sometimes they are raised, but they can also be flat and circular.  Angiomas are usually not painful, but may bleed if traumatized


Angiomas are harmless.  While spider angiomas typically resolve as children get older, cherry angiomas most often persist without treatment.  If angiomas are cosmetically bothersome, or frequently get traumatized, they can be treated.  Electrosurgery, and Vbeam Pulsed-Dye Laser are common treatments that BV Derm providers can perform in our office.

When to make an appointment

If you are unsure about a growth that may be a cherry angioma, or if it seems to have changed in size, color, or shape, Contact Us for an evaluation, and we will be happy to discuss treatment options.