Cyst Excision

A Cyst is a sac-like growth under the skin that is almost always benign.  After one of our providers has evaluated your cyst, they can discuss if surgical removal is appropriate.


What you can expect

  • Unless notified otherwise, you can drive yourself to and from your surgical appointment, as you will be awake during the procedure.
  • Once you are in our office, the surgical site will be cleaned and then numbed with local anesthesia.
  • Your provider will then cut into your skin to remove the mole.
  • Next, the surgical site is closed by stitching or gluing the skin together.
  • Lastly, our staff will place a bandage over the site and provide cleaning instructions.
  • The entire surgical procedure typically takes less than one hour.


For most of our surgical procedures, you can expect two weeks of downtime that includes refraining from swimming or being in standing water (hot tubs, pools, lakes, oceans).  You may need to return to the office for a suture removal or other wound evaluation following the procedure.

When to make an appointment

If you have a cyst that is painful and red, becomes swollen, and/or drains pus, it may be infected and should be evaluated by a provider, Contact us. Infected and inflamed cysts may require different treatment than standard cyst removal.