A lipoma is a slow-growing, fatty nodule or bump beneath the skin. Lipomas are typically benign, but a new or changing lipoma should be evaluated by a medical provider to confirm the diagnosis.  Lipomas can appear anywhere on the skin at any age.


Lipomas appear like skin-colored lumps under the skin.  They are usually asymptomatic, but they may occasionally be tender or sensitive to the touch.  They feel soft and doughy, and lipomas are usually freely-movable under the skin.  Common places for lipomas to occur are the chest, back, neck, arms and legs.


Since they are benign, lipomas do not require treatment.  However, if a lipoma causes discomfort or cosmetic concerns, it can be removed with surgical excision in our office.

When to make an appointment

Because lipomas can mimic other conditions, lumps under the skin should be examined by a medical provider.  Contact us if you have a new, changing, symptomatic or cosmetically concerning lipoma, and one of our providers can evaluate and discuss treatment options.