Surgical Dermatology

For atypical moles, cysts, lesions and skin cancers, trust the health of your skin to the board certified dermatologists of Boulder Valley Center for Dermatology. When indicated, we diagnose and treat skin disorders by various surgical methods. Dermatologic surgery may be indicated for skin biopsies, as well as functional tissue repair and improvement in skin appearance. The dermatologic surgeries we perform are out-patient, minimally invasive, and require only local anesthesia. Our goals for surgical patients at BV Derm include patient safety, efficacy, minimal downtime, and positive cosmetic results. Surgical procedures offered here include:

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We recommend that everyone — especially residents of Colorado, where skin cancer rates are higher — check their skin regularly for any new or suspicious spots. We also recommend that patients older than 50 come and see us about once a year for a comprehensive skin check. If you notice changes in your skin, it’s important to have those checked out at any age. Dr. Gallagher and Dr. Leddon are board certified dermatologists, with extensive surgical skill. We will consider your condition and history to recommend the right next steps.

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